This site releases parts of the results of an ongoing four-year project “Manchu Veritable Records, Mongolian Laoqida and Manchu Laoqida Corpora Building and A Comparative Study of Verbal suffixes in Manchu and Mongolian” supported by National Science Council, Taiwan (NSC 100-2628-H-001 -009 -; NSC 101-2410-H-001 -093 -; NSC 102-2410-H-001 -047 -). The purpose of this project is two-fold. First, to compare Manchu and Mongolian verbal morphology based on parallel texts. Second, to build on-line Manchu-Mongolian parallel corpora consisting of Manchu Veritable Records, Mongolian Laoqida (Mongŏ Nogŏltae, Mongoe Nogeoldae) and Manchu Laoqida (Ch'ŏngŏ Nogŏltae, Ceogeo Nogeoldae).

Manchu Veritable Records (Manchu: manǰu-i yargiyan kooli; Mongolian: manǰu-yin ünen maγad qauli) contains 8 volumes, with 82 pictures and 1,493 content pages. It was first written in 1635 (copied by hand in 1779) and preserves early Manchu linguistic features.

Both Mongolian Laoqida and Manchu Laoqida were conversational textbooks and as a result contain oral features. Mongolian Laoqida was first published in 1741 and underwent several revisions. It is the 1790 version that was conserved. Manchu Laoqida was first published in 1636 and revised in 1765.